Guides on how to work with calendars to book appointments and manage your schedules.

What to do if the calendar says No slot available this month

If the calendar indicates 'No slot available this month,' follow these steps to address the issue.

How to fully re-integrate Google calendar for a User

The ideal way to re-integrate with the new group calendar is by logging in as the user associated with the calendar.

Calendar Sync Option explained

The updated sync option found in the Settings->Profile page after integrating the Google account.

Block Specific Days Or Times On A Calendar

New group calendar update, only users will be able to block the time once they log in.

Understanding Calendar Availability Settings

This delves into the nuances of appointment slot settings, demonstrating their functionality through practical examples and advanced use cases.

How to Set Up Recurring Appointments

Recurring appointments are appointments or meetings that occur at regular intervals, such as every day, every week, or every month.

How to set up a Calendar for Classes?

Class Calendars are designed to manage one-to-many events where multiple invitees can attend a single booking.

How to configure Staff Member selection in Round Robin Calendars?

This function lets your clients select their preferred staff member when making appointments, offering a personalized touch to their booking experience.

Calendar Widget Customization

Calendar Widget Customization is designed to give you control over the appearance and functionality of your widget.

Display Multiple Calendars (For calendars under the Unassigned section only)

Showing the multiple calendars (Unassigned section only)

Round Robin Calendar with User Priority

User Priority Round Robin Calendar

Connect Google Calendar to Unassigned Calendar

Link Google Calendar to Unassigned Calendar

Calendar Payments

Calendar Payments allows the location to receive payments when a client or customer books for a certain calendar appointment.

Show seats per slot for Class booking on the booking widget

This control enhances booking flexibility by informing individuals about seat availability before reservation.

In App Calendar view

Dedicated to streamlining your appointment management, upgraded calendar view simplifies scheduling with new features.

How to create a Round Robin calendar

Empowering the teams with Round Robin events, enabling invitees to choose a time with any available team member.

Appointment timeslots that are not showing up

Appointment timeslots may not display when they should or appear when they shouldn't.

How to Setup Your First Calendar

Setting up your first calendar can be overwhelming. Here is a quick guide on how to properly set up all your calendars for your meetings and scheduling needs.