Everything you need to know about automation and how to use Monstro to automate your business.

Triggers - Overview

Triggers are conditional statements (similar to Zaps in Zapier) that connect all the different modules of Monstro together

Workflow Builder - Overview


Workflow Settings - Overview

The settings for workflow in marketing automation play a crucial role in ensuring effective communication strategies.

Workflow Builder-If or Else Conditional Event

Workflow Builder, utilize "Includes" or "Does not include" conditions, applicable to parameters like Tags and multiple-option custom fields.

Workflow Builder-Wait Event

The wait event in a workflow allows you to pause a contact until a specific condition, such as a tag, appointment, time, event, or contact reply, is met.

Contact Changed Workflow Trigger

The Contact Changed Workflow Trigger allows you to automate actions when changes are made to a Contact Record

How to Create a Birthday Reminder Workflow?

This is to enhance your marketing strategy with a personalized touch through this comprehensive guide.

Using The Go-To Event In Workflows

The Go-To event allows you to jump contacts from one event to another in Workflows.

Set Event Start Date Action In Workflows

This feature is crucial for maintaining well-organized webinars, conferences, or personalized notification systems.

How To Use Stripe One-Time Charge In Workflows

The process of one-time stripe usage in workflows

Standard Triggers - Contact Tag

Tags are used for searching, browsing, sorting, and organizing content. Tags are also allow you to fire off automation, bulk Emails, SMS, etc.

Action - Update Contact Field

The update contact field action in workflows allows you to update the value of a specific field for a contact.

Action - If or Else - Date type field conditions

Compare any Date type field with the following conditions

Action - Update Contact Field - Date type field

Update Date type fields with the following options

How to attach Custom Values MMS to SMS messages in workflows

Custom values are great for leveraging snapshots and your favorite workflow(s).

How to set up Workflow Goal Events

Automatically move contacts meeting conditions or goals within a workflow to a specific step, bypassing previous steps.

Standard Triggers - Order Submitted

The Order Submitted trigger is a powerful new workflow trigger that allows businesses to upsell customers after they have submitted an order.

Workflow Trigger - Payment received

The Payment Received trigger is designed to act as a centralized mechanism for capturing all incoming payments across the CRM, including one-time purchases, subscription charges, invoices, and more.

Action - Update Custom Value

The Update Custom Value Workflow Action is a powerful tool that automates updating custom values in the CRM.

Standard Triggers - Opportunity Changed

Runs when the opportunity gets changed

Standard Triggers - Opportunity Created

Runs when the opportunity gets created

Action - Drip

Drip action is used to limit or prevent a high number of executions simultaneously. Set the batch size and enter the next step in a predetermined number for the given interval.

How to set up Delete Contact action

Delete Contact is a powerful new action in a workflow that permanently removes a contact from your account and workflow.