How to create a Round Robin calendar

1 min read

Empower your team with Round Robin events, offering flexibility for invitees to choose a time with any available team member. Ideal for:

  1. Linking leads with sales reps for intro calls and demos.

  2. Pairing new customers with the client services team for onboarding and training.

  3. Matching existing customers with a support team member.

  4. Pairing candidates with recruiters for phone screenings.

Step 1: Setting up a Round Robin event:

  • To create a Round Robin event, click on the Create Calendar icon on the Calendar Settings page and select the "Round Robin" option

Step 2: Adding Team Members

  • You can add multiple team members in the Round Robin calendars and distribute the appointments that would be scheduled amongst them using the distribution logic.

Step 3: Distribution Logic

  • You can configure Round Robin automated meeting assignments in two ways:

    • Optimize for availability

    • Optimize for equal distribution